Todos tenemos “pecados” de moda que quisiéramos  borrar de la cabeza, y de las fotos.

Siempre que uso algo en la cabeza tengo un flashback… Gongy con una gorra rosa-blanco de Von Dutch, me sentía la persona más cool del mundo al combinarla con unos jeans desgarrados de Hollister y unas flip flops de A&F.

Sí, esa era yo a mis 13-14 años. Ya no me vestiría así, pero no me arrepiento del todo porque me trae muy buenos recuerdos y me veía increíble con esa gorra (modesta). No me la quitaba. Incluso en la playa me la ponía, no era muy cómodo, pero eso nadie lo sabía, solo yo. Aunque no combinara formaba parte de mis looks.

Es un “pecado” que me saca una sonrisa.

No les había mostrado este sombrero, porque el clima ha estado raro y en la noche no consigo muy buenas fotos. Me encanta la cadena que lo rodea, amo la ropa con detalles únicos. Una playera (también con detalles en el cuello), pantalones skinny negros, un suéter largo, una chamarra y unos botines, para un video y fotos blanco y negro.


We all have fashion “sins” that we would like to erase from the head, and photos.

Whenever I wear something in my head I have a flashback… Gongy with a pink-white cap of Von Dutch, I felt like the coolest person in the world when I combined it with Hollister ripped jeans and A&F flip flops.

Yes, that was me as 13-14 years old. I wouldn’t dress like this nowadays,  but I do not regret at all because it brings me great memories and I looked amazing with that cap (modest). I never took it off. Even at the beach I wore it, wasn’t very comfortable, but nobody knew it but me. Although doesn’t combined with my clothes, it was part of my outfit.

It’s a “sin” that brings me a smile.

I hadn’t shown you this hat because the weather has been weird and at night I don’t get very good photos.  I love the chain around it, I love clothes with unique details. A shirt (also with details on the neck), black skinny pants, a long sweater, a jacket, and booties, for a video and black and white photos.

DSC09729 2DSC09746 DSC09745PicMonkey Collage 8DSC09736 2DSC09752

sweater: Forever 21 (old) / jacket: Old Navy / shirt: Zara / skinny pants: Zara / booties: Steve Madden / hat: Zara / necklace, rings, bracelets: vintage

sweater: Forever 21 (old) / jacket: Old Navy / shirt: Zara / skinny pants: Zara / booties: Steve Madden / hat: Zara / necklace, rings, bracelets: vintage


grool kiss, Gongy


18 thoughts on “SHAKE YOUR HEAD

  1. Awesome outfit! I love the bat sweater! Haha I totally cringe when I think of how I used to dress in high school! I’m amazed at all those high schoolers with blogs-I wonder what they’re gonna think of themselves in 10 years looking back at that??

    Sophisticated Lace

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